A Big Thank You!


Hello everyone!

So Obsessions is fully up and running and will be available for purchase at the York University bookstore starting March 20th, so please definitely check it out and support the author if interested.

A very big thank you goes towards everyone in the book practicum class that put in alot of effort, and countless hours into making Obsessions perfect. We did it guys; we published our first book! A shoutout also goes to Mike O’Connor (our teacher, professor, mentor, etc.) for helping and guiding us in the right direction, and to the York University Printing Services for their help as well.

As many of you may know from previous posts, the book launch for Stan Rogal’s newest title occured on March 13. It was a huge success, with many people arriving at The Central to show their support for our class and for Stan, too. Stan had the honor of reading aloud “Lie to me Baby” to the audience, and we all just had a good time. Every student in the class also received a complementary copy of Obsessions (as a token of memory and reward for our hardwork), and it is so awesome seeing our names listed in the book!

It’s really been a blast collaborating with everyone in the class, and I sincerely hope next years’ class will also have fun and do well in publishing their book.

Stephanie Leong, Web Designer


Book Trailer for Stan Rogal’s “Obsessions”


If you follow our social media pages, you may have already noticed that we have released our book trailer of Stan Rogal’s Obsessions. As the Marketing Manager with previous experience filming and editing, I was responsible for putting together this trailer to promote Rogal’s book. This is probably my favourite project that I’ve worked on for Leaping Lion Books. I’m really proud of how everything turned out.

I took out three little scenes from three different stories in Rogal’s book and turned them into film scripts. The three stories were “Are You OK?,” “Lie to Me, Baby,” and “Some Kind of Hero.” Then, my marketing team and I proceeded to tell our class about the trailer to see if any of them would be willing to volunteer to act out these scenes.  Following that, we set a date, time, and location to film. Originally we wanted to have different people play in each scene to show that they are three different stories, but not everyone was able to make it and as the saying goes, “the show must go on.” Luckily, the maximum number of actors we needed were two guys and two girls, and that was the exact amount that showed up! So, in the end it all worked out. We had a lot of fun filming these scenes. Rogal’s stories are so theatrical in my opinion, probably due to his theatre background (he’s also a playwright), that they made it so much fun to play out and edit.

It took me two days to edit this trailer. I started off by choosing a royalty-free track from YouTube that went with the mood of Rogal’s stories—mysterious, romantic, and suspenseful. Once I chose a track, then I began cutting and inserting footage that matched it. Not everything we filmed made the cut, which is bound to happen. You always want more footage than you need, just in case you run out of footage, or a shot didn’t turn out the way you planned, and to have more options to choose from. I took a variety of different shots of the same scene (close-ups, moving shots, medium and wide angles, etc.). Once I matched my footage with the track, I then added a few filters to give the trailer a similar artistic feel as the cover of the book. Then I added in the text and photos. The quote, “Don’t go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself” came directly from Rogal’s story “Gestalt” (which is one of the short stories in Obsessions). I wanted everything to come from the book itself, so I chose this particular quote because I felt that it matched the closest to the trailer and theme of the book. I also had to adjust the volume in the parts where the actors are speaking. I lowered the track volume and increased the voice volume to make sure that the actors were heard. I was so excited to show the class the final product. They seemed to really like it and I hope you guys do as well! If you haven’t yet checked it out, here it is: “Obsessions Book Trailer

I’d love to know what you all think about our book trailer. Please feel free to comment below what you thought!

Thank you for watching (and reading). Be sure to pick up a copy of Stan Rogal’s Obsessions now on sale at the York University bookstore. He will be at the bookstore this Thursday, March 20th from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. for a reading of Obsessions. You can meet him, ask him questions, and get your copy autographed, so be sure to stop by!

Parisima Baha, Marketing Manager

Our trip to the York University Printing Services


Hey everyone,

Today the class went on a little excursion to York University’s Printing Services (located in the basement under Curtis Lecture Hall), and we had the privilege of getting a tour of the printing room from Printing Services Manager, Chris Panagopoulos.



Chris informed the class on many interesting facts about the York University Printing Services, for example, our university ranks #64 in all of North America for in-house printers(wow!). And he and his team are always looking for new, innovative, cost effective, and enviromentally-conscious ways to print material in a technologically changing landscape. He also showed us different types of useful tools and machinery that print, sets and binds books together.


What was really impressive, ofcourse, was the fact that Obsessions was being printed right infront of our eyes–hot off the press! The giant mechanism was already working away on printing our books, and we were all very excited to see the polished (physical) copy of the book we had all worked hard on. Chris mentioned it would take atleast 24 hours for the ink to fully dry.

20140306_121921Well there you have it, folks! Obsessions is almost up and ready for the book launch on March 13th at The Central. I will keep everyone updated with the event next week, so keep your eyes open.

Stephanie Leong, Web Designer

Bake Sale Tips


1898088_10152033920278299_1303094674_nJust before reading week, we had our third and final bake sale for Leaping Lion Books. I thought I would capture some of the highlights from the bake sale, not just to reminisce, but so that hopefully next year’s students or anyone else fundraising for a cause can grab something from our experience.

As I mentioned in my previous post about our other two bake sales, we wanted to make this third one more of an opportunity to promote the book. We brought back some of the black and white bookmarks we had from the last bake sale, and some new coloured ones that had the cover of the book on them with different quotes from Stan Rogal’s stories. We also included our website, blog and twitter on the bookmarks so that people can follow us for more details on the book. This was a nice incentive for us to give our supporters because it gave them more information on who we are and what we are trying to raise money for.

pic 2We also decided to bring in something fun to get students involved. It was a Valentine’s Day themed bake sale and Rogal’s stories all revolve around the complexity of relationships. We decided to bring in a “Love Advice” board that people could fill because the characters in Rogal’s Obsessions could really use some love advice! This was also something we thought would be a nice way to interact with students via Twitter. We asked students to take a picture of their advice and post it on Twitter using #LLLoveAdvice (the two L’s standing for “Leaping Lion”). Although we did not get any Twitter posts, it was still nice to have people fill up our board with some very interesting advice and silliness. It made for a fun bake sale!

pic 3My advice for students who are or will be planning a bake sale is to use the bake sale as an opportunity to promote your cause. Students are very curious as to what you are doing or what opportunities may be available to them at York University, so having extra incentives and games that will give them more information in a fun way will encourage them to support you. And, of course, you have to have amazing looking bakes and sweets. We were all joking that if this whole publishing career doesn’t work out for us, we could always open up a bakery! Haha, or do both?

pic 4

Thank you so much to all who came out to support us in publishing Stan Rogal’s Obsessions. Printing day is only two days away! It’s so exciting to see all our hard work finally come to fruition. We are equally excited to share the actual, physical book with you and would like to invite you all to attend our book launch on Thursday, March 13th at 7:00 p.m. Check out our Facebook page for details! Hope to see you there!

Parisima Baha, Marketing Manager

Obsession’s Book Launch is near!


Hello everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, but as everyone may know (from the constant reminders in previous posts), the book launch for Obsessions is just in a few more weeks. The printing of the book is moving forward, and if everything goes as smoothly as the class planned, the anticipated release date will be March 13, 2014 (how exiting!).

As a celebration for Obsessions, our class is hosting the book launch at The Central, a cozy little club bar located in downtown Toronto (603 Markham St, near Bloor and Bathurst in the Annex), and the author himself, Stan Rogal, will make a special appearance and have a public reading of his book. On behalf of Leaping Lion Books publishing, we encourage everyone who is interested to join us at The Central and to come show your support for the book.
As a bonus, The Central offers a 20% discount on their menu (with valid student ID card), so come down, grab some grub, relax in the ambiance, and unwind to Stan’s readings of Obsessions. It will definitely be a cool and fun night!

Here is a sneak preview of the venue:


That’s all for now, but stay tuned for updates next week as the class will be going on a small field trip to the York University Printing Services to see the printing process of the book!

Stephanie Leong, Web Designer

A Brief Intro for Production Department


Hello everyone,

I would like to write on behalf of the Production department, since they are the main department that focuses on the publishing of both the physical and digital copies of the book. The Production department is very essential since they are not only responsible for approximating the costs of printing the book, but ensuring that the book gets published within the budget and as well as on schedule. Timing is absolutely crucial because we need Obsessions to be up and ready for the book launch! The Production department is in constant contact with the York U printers to guarantee that all efforts invested in this book yield the best results.

At the moment, with the book being finalized in the next month, the Production department is continuously communicating with the printers and ensuring that the book is printed on time and ready for the upcoming release. They are also in charge of getting the book to Kobo and having the e-book ready for the publication date.

Stephanie Leong, Web Designer

Updates from Editorial!


The Editorial team is proud to announce that Stan Rogal’s manuscript of Obsessions has been thoroughly edited and was finally sent over to the Design team! Both semester one and semester two Editorial teams have worked countless hours in collaboration with Mr. Rogal to ensure that his stories are as clean and perfect as they can be—very much unlike the gruesome and messy relationships in the stories themselves. With our trusty Chicago Manual of Style and Oxford Canadian Dictionary, we rigorously combed through the manuscript sentence by sentence, ensuring that no comma was left misplaced and that no word remained misspelled. In addition, thanks to the efficient work of the Design team, Editorial has also managed to complete the proofreading of the laid out stories early this week, bringing us one step closer to the finished product.

This semester’s Editorial team has also been working in collaboration with the Special Projects and Web teams with their own assignments. We have assisted Special Projects with editing both a collection of academic essays to be published in an ejournal and the York U. Bookstore’s blog (which is currently still under construction, but worth a look at when it’s up). We have also assisted in the editing of the Leaping Lion Books website, designed and maintained by our amazing Web team.

Going through the editing process was a fantastic learning experience for us young publishing-hopefuls and it’s so satisfying to see all our hard work reflected in the polished manuscript. With March slowly approaching, we are in the final stretch of the publication process, and the entire Leaping Lion Books publishing team is continuing to work diligently to bring the book together in time for our book launch on March 13th, 2014. We hope to see you all there!

Kathleen Resurreccion, Copy Editor